Settling in

Book recommendation: I’m only a quarter of the way through it, but Jim Hines’ Libriomancer is a lot of fun.


I can tell it’s going to take a few weeks for me to settle into whatever my daily cycle is going to be–maybe a few months, really, since December is a weird month. Part of my problem, to be honest, is that I’m dealing with a weird, but possibly happy side-project right now, one that popped up out of the blue and is taking considerable time out of random portions of the day. The other problem is that I have too many project I want to spend time on.

I know. Poor Ron.

That said, it seems that I’m getting the bulk of my creative work done in the morning, splitting it into two chunks of 60-90 minute focused stages. Then I break for lunch and do something entertaining, but relevant … thinks like watching an episode of Orphan Black on Monday, or watching Stephen King talk about writing on YouTube yesterday, or Malcom Gladwell today. The afternoon is a mix of business, creation, and home stuff.

So far, so good.


A couple quick reviews of “Primes”:

Sam Tomaino of SFReview likes it.

And I posted this through twitter last night, but I’ll include it here for completeness sake, and because … well … Colleen Chen of Tangent Online likes it a lot. [grin]

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