Title neep

I love when this happens.

So for Quite Some Time, I’ve been calling Episode 6, well, um, Episode Six. Not like Episode Seven: Lord of the Freeborn. Just Episode Six.

This was no good.

Then John Bodin, who is a first reader of mine, said he was nearly ready for it, and I decided I needed a title. Yet, I couldn’t come up with one. Still. In addition, I realized I needed to make an adjustment to Episode Six to make it work with Episode Seven (one of the reasons I’m writing the whole series before releasing it, I suppose). So the last three days has been spent in a last read-out(*), and in knitting (#) the new pieces into the work.

* A read-out is where I read the entire piece out loud as a prose check. Does it sound good? Do the words actually work as they are spoken rather than just sound good in my head?
# Special “knit” call-out to HM

Now all that is done. I need to smooth one exit chapter, but the real work is done.

Then, just a moment ago, I went to the top of the file and put down the new title to Episode Six: Changing of the Guard.

It’s simple. It fits.

Seriously, how do things work? And why do they take so danged long sometimes?


Note to John: Watch out for incoming.

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