The Spree Challenge

Today I give you the Spree challenge.

It may not be what you’re thinking of as we move into the big December period of shopping sprees and other such holiday events. Instead it has to do with a book, titled, well … uh, Spree, and written by Kris Rusch. It is a detective/crime story set in the western desert surrounding Las Vegas–a study in various psychologies and chock full of the twists and turns you would expect from such a story. In other words, it’s pretty danged good if you’re into these kinds of things.

The challenge?

The book, you see, is available online for a perfectly reasonable $7.99 price tag (15 bucks in trade paperback). But it’s also being made available online for free at a rate of a chapter a week. That’s right. You can read it online for free as long as you can wait week-to-week for each chapter. Or you can quick-buy at any time. So the challenge is this:

1) Read the thing online for free, chapter to chapter.
2) When you finally decide “ah, to heck with it … this is good. I’ll just buy the danged thing” … come back here and let me know at what point you caved, pulled out your credit card, and did the deed.
3) Kick back and enjoy yourself.

Simple, eh? And fun, too. Win-win is always best.

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