Lisa on Costa Maya

So Lisa and I did go to the Caribbean to celebrate our anniversary this year, and, as can be expected, it had some fantastic moments. We did Jamaica and Mexico this time, and I figured I would take a moment here and post one of my favorite sequences of pictures of my beloved that came during a walk through Costa Maya, which is just a great place for images due to the bold colors that just pop everywhere.

A prime example shows up below in the form of this big pink wall that had the morning sun blazing against it. And, of course, Lisa. [grin]

I like this first one because it’s just her with her relaxed smile that says she’s having fun, but with her head turned toward me like she’s waiting for some punchline or other slight-of-hand. It just feels like her.
Then we get a quick moment with her gazing off into the distance. She looks pensive, you know, but comfortable. Perhaps that’s appropriate for the moment of our 30th. Is she looking ahead? Is she looking to the past? You call it. Me? I think she’s thinking about me (men, right?).
Then we get a laugh. And not just any laugh. We get a gorgeous, full-featured smile with her head thrown back. It’s a look of enjoyment that’s hard not to like, eh? And it’s proof to me that, yes, it was me she was thinking about earlier. Not to be too much of a cliché, but we’ve always been able to make each other laugh, you know? And, yeah, I think that’s important.
But she’s not done. She collects herself, and we’re talking a bit about modeling theory (that’s what I’ll call it, anyway, for the lack of any better word … and realizing that I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about in this field).
Suddenly she breaks out into the joyous person I know, and gives me this pose that just feels like exactly what I feel about her…so powerful, yet a shade silly, gorgeous and lanky and totally enjoying the tone of the moment.

Yes, my friends. I am a very lucky man. And this little series of images, this little snippet of our time together, well … it feels special to me.

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