J.C. Andrijeski’s Rook

So, yeah, one of the great things about our week off (back so long ago, now), was that I had some time to actually read. I got through a couple novels, and a couple novellas in that short span. I wanted to talk a little about one of the novels here, because if you have someone around you interested in the New Adult/Alternate Fantasy genres, then I think you’ll want to point them to JC Andrijeski’s Rook: Allie’s War Episodes 1-4.

It’s a really nicely done piece of work that moves like a rocket at times (I defy anyone to create a better car chase scene without using video—and even then, perhaps this one is better). The plot is interesting, and the characters relatable. It’s also a story written around a strong female lead that young-ish (it is new adult, after all) males will be able to relate to. And then, to go further, admire how Andrijeski’s woven her otherworldly creatures and their culture into our own history, specifically exposing her characters to World War II Nazism in ways that are direct and matter-of-fact fashions rather than falling into purely black and white plotting. Her world is very deep.

So, yeah, sitting on a cruise ship’s pool deck with Rook was a great way to spend a chunk of time…and the view was good, too. [grin]

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