Two bits of good news!

I suppose I’m a couple days late in posting this here, but I’ve had a couple nice things happen that I suppose I should put here as a consolidation for those who don’t follow every bit of my online social presence (and WHY NOT?).

First, I’m quite pleased to report that StarShipSofa has turned my little short story “Bugs” into a way-cool podcast audio version read by Colin Clewes. You can find it here. “Bugs” was first published in Analog, and I absolutely love how they’ve done it up here. StarShipSofa is a great and storied fanzine, and it’s a great honor to be included in its roster (and, yes Tony, I do wish I held a degree in Magical Engineering).

And second, I’ve come to learn that two of my stories fared quite well in this year’s Analog AnLab voting. “Bugs” (noted above), was named second place for best short story of the year, and “Following Jules” nabbed fourth place in the novelette category. I can’t tell you how cool it is to score a top 5 in both of these lists. Thanks so much to everyone who recognized my work.

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