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The World Series is just around the corner here in the US, and I am happy to say that you’ll soon see two books coming out of Skyfox Publishing that will help you celebrate it!

Yes, friends, on October 20th, you’ll see a re-branded version of See the PEBA on $25 a Day, as well as its sequel, Chasing the Setting Sun. Both books will be available in print and various e-versions (this marks the first time See the PEBA will have ever been available in that format!).

As a quick taste, here’s a sneak-peek at the cover concepts for each.

So, like, what are they about, right?

For those of you who don’t know their background, these books are close to my heart (and quite the labor of love) because writing them let me explore the fictional word of the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance, which is world that a bunch of great baseball fanatics have developed around a deep-deep computer simulation (Out of the Park Baseball). They were great fun to write, and they mix up all sorts of fun genre stuff, being as they are mash-ups of alternate history, road trips, mysteries, fantasies, science fiction, and who knows what else. OOTP (the game, itself) is marvelous, and if you’re a fan of baseball you should try it … but the world of the PEBA that I’ve been able to contribute to creating over in the the years has often seemed more real to me than … well … than the real world. [grin]

How real?

Well, if you’ve read See the PEBA you know that the PEBA filled avoid left when the MLB choked on its steroid and greed problem back in 2006, and that a few years later young Casey Neal and his buddy Don-o gave themselves a college graduation “gift” in the form of a road trip through the entire set of ballparks in the PEBA. Along the way, they stumble into a racket being run by a semi-organized crime ring, and have to take some pretty dramatic action to save the very game of baseball once again.

Chasing the Setting Sun is set six seasons later, and follows a more world-weary Casey as he digs into a scandal of fraud and deceit that has taken the business of baseball in Japan down to its knees, but that has also resulted in an announcement that professional baseball in Japan will soon merge with the league in the US (and the rest of the world). That’s right, true international baseball is on the horizon! But first, Casey finds himself caught up in the case in the Land of the Rising Sun, working with members of Japanese law enforcement, dealing with international crime mobs, mystical spirits, quantum theory, and all things pickled as he struggles to find himself, once again.

So, yeah, this is an exciting and busy time for me.


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