Chasing the Setting Sun available for pre-buy!

I hear you, I hear you. I really do. You say: “Where can I get this new book of yours titled Chasing the Setting Sun?” And I reply: “Right here and right now! Or, at least you can now run over to a couple of your favorite book vendors and pre-buy the electronic versions!”

So, if you’re interested in what I’ll call “kitchen sink” fiction–you know, a fun mix of alternate history, fantasy, science fiction, and road trip stuff all mixed around with a little baseball here and there–feel free to get thee hence and do the necessary!

These will all host pre-buys (I’ll update Kobo as soon as it goes live there):

Amazon (Kindle)
Smashwords (All Formats)
Kobo (E-pub)

But, Ron, what about giving us a deal on See the PEBA?

I’m glad you asked. You can read Chasing the Setting Sun without reading See the PEBA on $25 a Day, but who would want to, right? Together, after all, they somprise the PEBA Diaries, right? So starting today, and running until Chasing launches, I’m giving you dedicated readers of the opportunity to grab a copy of See the PEBA absoluetely FREE!

Smashwords (All Formats)
Coupon code: PS88R

Feel Special yet?

I’m sure you do. But why stop here, when you can go whole-hog, instead and subscribe to my newsletter? I’m getting ready to run another free give-away in the next few days, and I can assure you you will not want to miss it! [grin]

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Notice for Mark

Just an aside: when I worked in my corporate role, one of my ex-bosses used to call me RonCo. This was fine by me. I actually use that as my online ID in several forums and other such places. But he liked it because it reminded him of the guy who used to advertise so boldly on television back in the day. You remember them, right? I mean, all the old SNL advertising sketches are pretty much direct rip=-offs of that old playbook. I’ll be forwarding him a link to this one so he can see just how far off the … uh … Mark … he was (or, how close?).

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