Glamour of the God-Touched Announced!

I am so excited to note that Glamour of the God-Touched has an official publication date of November 15th. Finally! This is the first novella of an eight-part serial that I’ve titled Saga of the God-Touched Mage, and is now available for pre-order at the following locations:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (DE)
(and other Amazon shops around the globe)
Barnes & Noble

It will also be available in print and in a few other places after 11/15. This all makes me very happy, of course. [grin]

I’ve worked to ensure each part volume stands alone as its own story, but to also have them fit together to create a much bigger whole. To give you a bit of flavor for the first tale, here’s the back cover description and a cover reveal!

– – – – –

A mage’s apprentice.
Sorcerers on the hunt.
Unnatural magic of devastating power.

Garrick is a mage’s apprentice, soon to be a full-fledged sorcerer. The course of his life is clear—he will be an apprentice, a mage, and then a superior. But a tragic accident finds him wielding a god-like power over life and death, and as rumors of mage war grow stronger around him, he learns his future is not fated to be as simple as he dreamed. Glamour of the God-Touched follows Garrick as he discovers the forces behind his new magic. The lessons he learns and how he deals with them will threaten the very nature of who he is.

“A riveting tale of magic, death, destiny, and power.”

– David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson
Author of the Thieftaker Chronicles

– – – – –

So, yes, this is a very exciting day. I’m pleased to reveal the cover, and place the back cover description here for your enjoyment. Many thinks to Rachel J. Carpenter for agreeing to work on the cover. I totally love it. And, of course, thanks also to David B. Coe (D.B. Jackson) for his very kind blurb. As noted above, this is episode 1 of a work of eight serial of novella-length stories that I expect to roll out about every two weeks until they’re all out there (naturally). As such, you can expect to see these episodes become available according to the following timeline:

Saga of the God-Touched Mage, Skyfox Publishing

Volume 1: Glamour of the God-Touched, (to be published Nov 15, 2014)
Volume 2: Trail of the Torean, (Nov 30, 2014)
Volume 3: Target of the Orders, (Dec 15, 2014)
Volume 4: Gathering of the God-Touched, (Dec 31, 2014)
Volume 5: Pawn of the Planewalker, (Jan 15, 2015)
Volume 6: Changing of the Guard, (Jan 31, 20154)
Volume 7: Lord of the Freeborn, (Feb 14, 2015)
Volume 8: Lords of Existence, (Feb 28, 2015)

– – – – –

I will, of course, drop further publication information here, but if you want news on these projects and others as early as you can get it (or if you would just like to take advantage of the occasionally free giveaways and other cool things), you can throw your name into my newsletter hat. I promise to do my best to keep the newsletter to the basics of publication news, and avoid spamming as best as I can. [grin]

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