Cover Reveal #3!

You may have heard rumors that I’m in the middle of publishing a fantasy serial in eight parts. [grin]

This is turning out to be quite a fun experience–and one of the most fun parts is working with Rachel Carpenter, who is doing all the covers. She’s created really fantastic work for both Glamour of the God-Touched and Trail of the Torean, which I’ll add down below for posterity’s sake. Now I get the pleasure of revealing her work for the third volume, Target of the Orders.

Pretty danged spiffy, eh?

I want to thank those members of my newsletter who weighed in with opinions on the details last week (and won free stuff!). You, too, can participate as such by subscribing using the “Ron’s Rambings” link up there on the main menu. Thanks also, of course, to those of you who are reading the first volume and responding so kindly. That’s actually the most fun part of all, really. It’s always nice to know folks actually like what I’m doing. [grin]

Anyway, here are the first two, again … did I mention you can use links on the sidebar to pick up your copy of Glamour and pre-order Trail now? It probably just slipped my mind.

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