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Time flies, man. Time flies. I can’t believe we’re in the middle of December. In celebration, here’s a picture of Lisa and my favorite ornaments hanging on our tree. We took to them the moment we received them (as a gift, naturally). They’ve since grown to represent not only Christmas, but a vision of how we see ourselves becoming many years from now.

Rather than wax ineloquently about time, however, I want to take this moment to say two things that might be important to folks who like to read my stuff:

– – – – –

First …

Gathering of the God-Touched, volume 4 of Saga of the God-Touched Mage is now available for pre-order at the following locations!


Kindle: Amazon (US)
Kindle: Amazon (UK)
Kindle: Amazon (DE)
Nook: Barnes & Noble
Several: Smashwords
E-Pub: Kobo
Will be in print 12/31!

– – – – –

But most important of the two, let me now say …

Thank you.

Thanks to your remarkable support, I can report that volumes 1 and 2 are doing very well, and that volume 3, Target of the Orders (which is set to officially launch on midnight, two days from now), will debut in incredibly nice places in the Amazon charts of both the US and the UK. As of this morning it was sitting at:

#48 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy
#71 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy
#76 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy

#10 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy
#43 in Books > Fiction > Fantasy > Coming of Age
#44 in Kindle Store > Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Coming of Age

While these are not Stephen King numbers (all friends who learn I write immediately jump to Stephen King comparisons, so there you go), they are considerably better than I ever really envisioned this project doing. Pretty good, I would say, for a little indie project done out of the basement of a guy in the southlands surrounded by Indiana cornfields, and all that.

Looking back on this blog the past couple months, I can see I’ve been in a strong period of self-promotion–which I guess makes sense given the cycle I’m publishing this series on (I shall, I’m sure, spend some time talking about the wisdom, or lack thereof, about this kind of schedule in the near future). But it’s not really my style, and I admit I feel a little uncomfortable going Full-Buy-My-Book here. So, I shall stop here and say only this:

Thank you, again.

Thank you to everyone who has read one of my stories. Thank you to every one of you who has told someone something about my work. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in helping me create this project. Thank you to everyone who has just stopped by here to check up on how I’m doing. You have each made a difference in how I feel about my work (and perhaps life in general, eh?), and I cannot fully convey to you how much I appreciate that.

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