Good Luck Charm

I am incredibly proud to note that Abyss and Apex have now published my novelette “Good Luck Charm.” You can read it here. I suggest, of course, that you read the whole issue, as this is a great small press site and I love the idea of supporting these kinds of efforts.

Here are the gritty details as far as “Good Luck Charm” is concerned. This story had a strange and wonderful birthing in that I wrote the first third or so of the piece several years back, but found that I didn’t know where it went. So after much gnashing of teeth and beating my head against the metaphorical brick wall, I basically put it aside as a failed attempt. But the idea kept tugging at me, and I would occasionally go back and pick up the broken threads of it. I would open the file, and mush a word here or there, all to no avail.

Then, the last time (naturally) I looked at the opening, something wonderful happened. Call it kismet, say the characters started talking to me, call it writerly insanity. I dunno. But I started running on it, and when I was finished I knew that it was pretty much said exactly what I had wanted it to say. Looking back on it, I can probably see why I struggled with it. It’s a tough story.

But, yeah. It’s out there now. And I’m totally happy with it.

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