Gathering of the God-Touched is Published!

Obviously, it makes me quite pleased to note that Gathering of the God-Touched, volume four of my new fantasy serial, is now live and available for purchase at all the usual locations. This is really quite an exciting moment for me, as it represents the half-way point of the whole publication process. I’m learning a ton every step of the way, and (of course) enjoying the successful run that the first volumes have been having.

That said, life is quite busy these days. In addition to keeping the SGTM series launch afloat, I’m working on a pair of short stories (and have several more to complete in the near term). And I’ve been reading like mad because I over-committed myself to reading other folks’ stuff (oops!), as well as because I’ve picked up some new published stuff that has been quite enjoyable (the latest: Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which I’m about half-done with, and which is just as lovely as one would think a Neil Gaiman story would be).

Pay no attention to the fact that I blew off much of yesterday to indulge in a full-day Louisville Cardinal sports-fest, okay?

Anyway … here are the details where you can find Gathering:

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Gathering of the God-touched
Volume 4 of Saga of the God-Touched Mage



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in print @ CreateSpace
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