The End – Volume 8 is Published!

Yes, this is an incredibly exciting day for me. It’s Friday, of course–which is always good. But mostly, it’s the day that Lords of Existence, the eighth and final volume of Saga of the God-Touched Mage, has finally seen publication.

Here are the particulars on where you can find it:

Amazon: US | UK | DE | CA
Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
Print: CreateSpace

The story is now done. The work is out there, and on the whole it’s being well-received, and well bought despite the occasional dust up over the fact that they are novellas rather than novels (shrug). Sometime I’ll probably write up a “lessons learned” thing, and maybe even post a few bits of it here. But for now I’m just kind of sitting here and soaking in the whole project. I feel pretty danged good. Tired, but good. The whole thing has been considerably more fun, more work, more … well … everything … than I thought it would be at the beginning. [Note to self: remember that setting two-week deadlines is crazy silly]

Mostly, however, I admit to feeling pretty smug.

I’m immensely pleased with the outcome. I’m happy that this story is in the world. I’m giddy with the idea that people in India and Germany and Australia, and the UK, and a few other places (of course) are reading the story of Garrick and his struggles against a world that is not aligned exactly to his needs and desires.

There are several people I need to thank for their special help. My friend and sometime collaborator, John Bodin, for being a most-excellent first reader. Rachel Carpenter, of course, for her super work on the entire series of covers. David Coe and Amy Sterling Casil for their very kind commentary on the work itself and allowing me to use it on my covers. My daughter, Brigid, for great work as a copy editor (with quick turn around, too). And of course, Lisa, for her always being here and the intense work she did while reading this story over and over again for a … uh … considerable time. Then there are others who provided so much guidance … I know I’ll miss some, but let’s start with Vera Nazarian, JC Andrijeski, Tom Carpenter, Anthea Sharp, Michele Lang, Annie Bellet, who each gave me considerable chunks of their time to answer a boatload of dumb questions.

Anyway. I’m blathering along here, and I think I hear the music starting, so I’ll just shut up here.

So, yeah. Today’s the day.

Tomorrow I’ll hop on a plane and head west to a writers’ workshop, where I’ll work at becoming better and where’s I’ll talk to a whole bunch of more writers about all my future projects.

This is real life, you know? Not a book. And in real life things never really end, do they?

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