All in One!!! (SGTM to be released in one package)

I promise to get back to regular posting soon…but there’s a lot of publishing news going on right now, and it only seems proper to focus on it for just a bit longer. Please be advised, however, that I realize there are other things in life that are probably just as important as my publishing news (snork!). Anyway …

After its very fun and successful run as individual novellas, I’m happy to announce that Saga of the God-Touched Mage is going to be available in a single collection. That’s right: all eight stories, one book. Yay! Even better, this omnibus edition will be available in both electronic and (finally) trade paperback formats. (Yes, it’s a goshdarn big honking block of print … much fun to hold onto and probably capable of stopping an onrushing train. Pictures to come.)

It is available for preorder now at the usual places (linkage provided below), and will launch officially on May 26th.

Electronic Version:
Barnes & Noble (Search me later today)

Print Version:
@ Amazon and CreateSpace on May 26.

Of course, this means it’s time for another cover reveal!

Once again Rachel has whipped up a very nice piece of work, gathering up images we’ve used in previous installments and setting them against a backdrop that scans quite beautifully and has a very nice wrap-around effect in the full print version.

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