Want a very skiffy Christmas?

Bundles are the rage, right? And Christmas seems like such a natural subject for a bundle, am I right again? I mean, what better way to celebrate finding a bunch of great stories than to have Santa bundle them all together, give you the opportunity to give to charity (does anybody remember charity?), and deliver them early to boot!

That’s a slick way of saying that my science fiction Christmas story “A Corner of the Mind” is now sitting quite comfortably in the Very Merry Christmas bundle–now available at Bundle Rabbit.

Get the Bundle here!

The bundle has been ably curated by Canadian author Rebecca Senese, who was kind enough to drop a little blurb about my other stuff up on her blog.


To give you a flavor of “A Corner of the Mind,” here’s the back cover blurb (with an inside hint that the first chunk does double duty as the first two sentences of the story itself.

How many times have you heard the saying: “If the walls had ears and could talk, what tales they would tell?” Well, they do, and I’m one. So let me tell you about the young boy who often does time here in one of my corners…

CORNER OF THE MIND is a Christmas mystery set in space. If that sounds like your slice of pie, come on in.


Well…go pick your bundle up, then unwrap it and see for yourself what a solid set of stories are in there! You don’t even have to wait until December 25th!

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