Starflight goes on preorder

I’m pleased to announce that Starflight, Book 1 of Stealing the Sun, is now available for preorder through Skyfox Publishing at Kobo, iBooks, and other locations through Draft2Digital’s universal links. The book will be available through Amazon, Nook, and CreateSpace (print) on November 29—which is coming up fast!

If you’re a member of my newsletter you saw the cover some time ago, but for almost everyone else this notice is the first time you’ve been able to take it in. Among the things I’ve already enjoyed about this cover is that one of the first people who looked at it in person said they really liked it. When I asked why, she stared at it for just a moment and then said “I’m tired of all the negative stories out there. This looks hopeful.”

That makes me smile.

We’ll see if the stories fulfill that promise, but, yes, I remain hopeful. [grin]

If you want to be the among the first to see these new covers (and, grab a free copy of Glamour of the God-Touched–volume 1 of my series of dark fantasy novellas), just follow the links here or below to join my uber-exclusive newsletter.


The first book of Stealing the Sun, a space based Science Fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Amazon Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins.

Available for Preorder Now at:

Coming to Amazon and Nook November 29!

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Everguard’s mission: Establish a multidimensional gate inside Alpha Centauri A for Interstellar Command to fuel their new faster-than-light spaceships.

Lieutenant Commander Torrance Black, career already on shaky grounds, finds himself facing questions.

Did they just contact sentient life in the Centauri system?

Will humankind sacrifice an entire alien species in their quest for the stars?

“Ron Collins is one of our best hard science fiction writers—a novel from him is a major event. Enjoy!”

Robert J. Sawyer
Hugo Award-Winning Author of Quantum Night


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