Stealing the Sun, the short story

sts-short-story-cover-changed-600x400This is very cool, eh?

In celebration of the November 29th launch of Starflight, the first in my new five-book series, Skyfox Publishing has released an electronic version of the short story that started it all. “Stealing the Sun” is now available at most online vendors.

Stealing the Sun first appeared in the October 1999 issue of Analog SF and Fact magazine. It proceeded to make Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading list, found its way onto the preliminary Nebula Award ballot, and even garnered some solid support for a Hugo Award.

The story has now served as the, ahem, launching point for a series of five novels. I hope you enjoy it.


Want to read it for free?

Later tonight, I’ll be sending every member of my ultra-elite reader club a link to read “Stealing the Sun” for free. If you want in, just do the clicky thing here–and, yes, you will get both a free copy of Glamour of the God-Touched, and a free read of “Stealing the Sun” … what a deal, eh?


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