Brigid’s work, or the amazing coolness of “The Fake Path to True Memory.”

“Did you ever read Brigid’s story in the Faerie Summer bundle?” Lisa asked me.

We were eating dinner at the end of the day, just chatting about stuff. I read most of our daughter’s work before it gets published, but for various reasons I hadn’t seen this one. Lisa, as always, had copyedited it and had suggested that I read it back then, but it’s been busy.

“No, I haven’t,” I replied.

She paused. “You should,” she said.

So I did.

It’s titled “The Fake Path to True Memory.”

Wow. What a beautiful piece of work.

Back in the day, I wrote in this blog about Brigid fairly often. Someday maybe I’ll pull them all together. We’ll see. But as she grew older I tended not to. A young woman needs her privacy, you know? Now she’s grown up and living her life with her husband and her cat, and she’s a writer on her own. So, yeah, she can do her own thing just fine without me butting in. But, seriously, this is a nice piece of art and I don’t care if you think it’s simply a dad’s opinion or not.

Brigid is turning into one really fine writer. She’s finding her voice. Doing her thing. I’m deeply proud of her no matter what she does, but to see her putting work like this together, and work like she’s been publishing in the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (her Sugimori Sister stories are brilliant) and various Fiction River anthologies (Find “Killing Spree” in Tavern Tales and you’ll understand what I mean)…well…there’s this amazing coolness to it that makes me very happy.

If you love Faerie, you should pick up this bundle (Links in the write-up).

If you like that story, you should pick up her first book.

Just consider it all “Dad Approved.”

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