Seven Days in May is Published!

7-Days-in-May-900-600It is, as the Flying Scot used to say, a beautiful day for a motor car race, don’t you think?

I’m smiling ear to ear today because I can finally say that Seven Days in May is available!

For those unfamiliar with this unique little project, this is a collaborative collection of stories that my buddy John C. Bodin and I release each year, adding a new original story with each edition. This time the new piece is a short story titled “Speedway Fever.” Like the rest of our work. it’s chock full of pulpy SF characters we love, making tough choices, and (of course) dealing with troubles both on and off the track.

“I find it hard to express how much pure enjoyment and fun I got out of this slim volume.”
– Tangent Online

All six of these stories were great fun to write, and as you can tel from the quote above, Tangent Online recently gave us a marvelous review and even included “Ghost of a Chance” on their recommended reading list–which is way cool. We hope you’ll like it, too.

Did You Buy It Last Year? Get Your Update Free!

That’s one of the cool and unique things about this project. John and I have always figured that if you buy the work once, we’ll spring you a free electronic copy this time. Just drop me an email at the contact form above, and I’ll do the needful.

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