Algis Budrys, Starflight, and Moonscapes

Rogue_Moon_1960I was amused this morning in that interesting nostalgic way you can get sometimes, when I read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog post that attributed his interest in doing the Moonscapes bundle to his reading of Algis Budrys’ Rogue Moon. I definitely get it. I, too, read Rogue Moon. For its day it was amazing, and even as a throwback today it’s got that thing that great books have.

But that’s not why I was amused.

I was amused because thinking about Algis made my mind snap back to a morning over breakfast when Algis handed me back a manuscripts and said “Pretty good,” in that way of little words that he could get. We were at the Writers of the Future workshop. The manuscript he handed me was a short story titled “Stealing the Sun,” which I wrote there at the workshop as my 24-hour story and which eventually was published in Analog before going on to become the opening to Starflight. He had a comment or three that made the work better.

You’ll note that Starflight is proudly part of the Moonscapes bundle.

So, yes, in many ways it is a small world.

But, of course, this morning I’m also thinking about how big it is.

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