Moonscapes Bundle Launches!

Here’s something incredibly cool: ten amazing SF books by ten of my favorite writers and people (well, nine of them, plus my own Starflight!). On top of that, an opportunity to support AbleGamers, a fantastic group that’s working to support disabled folks who want to game.





The books are great, of course.

As you might guess by the bundle’s theme, you’re going to find tons of spacey goodness in here. Even better for you, as with any StoryBundle offering, within some very generous constraints you get to choose how much you pay!

The main package includes:

  • Recovery Man is from USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s highly popular Retrieval Artist series. The only downside here is that if you read one, you’ll be hit by an overwhelming desire to get the rest.
  • If you read Annie Reed’s In Dreams, my guess is that you’re going to have a new favorite author. She’s awesome.
  • Blaze Ward’s Auberon introduces you to a master of space opera. Don’t believe the 27 outstanding Amazon reviews? 400+ on Goodreads ought to do the trick.
  • Odds are, you know M.L. Buchman as a bestselling military romance writer. Here’s proof he can do died in the wool SF, too.
  • If you haven’t read my own Starflight, here’s your chance. Obviously, I love it. I hope you do, too!
  • But, there’s more! If you unlock the bonus you get five more amazing books:

  • Like most of Kevin J. Anderson’s work, Climbing Olympus is a great adventure. He’s a New York Times bestseller for a reason, afterall.
  • Maggie Jaimeson doesn’t fool around with life’s little questions. Her Eternity takes look at what immortality might look like. Very cruchy SF, indeed.
  • Lisa Silverthorne is just flat-out one of my favorite writers of all time. Rediscovery might just show you why.
  • If you pick up Star Mist, you’ll begin to understand why Dean Wesley Smith has some 23 million copies of his books out there.
  • Then there’s the Moonscapes volume of Fiction Rver that started this whole thing. An anthology of moon-based short stories that might just introduce you to a bunch of new writers you’ll want to track down (and a few I’m sure you already know!).
  • So, really … flat-out, this is a totally kick-ass bundle of books that will keep you reading through a good chunk of the summer if you’ll let it!

    Pay what you want
    DRM Free
    Support AbleGamers
    Automatic delivery

    What could possibly be better?




    A Special Note About AbleGamers:

    This is a fantastic charity that (as their website says) “…give(s) people with disabilities custom gaming setups including modified controllers and special assistive technology, like devices that let you play with your eyes, so they can have fun with their friends and family. We’re using the power of video games to bring people together, improving quality of life with recreation and rehabilitation.”

    Please do take a run through their site. It’s an organization with an important mission. #SoEveryoneCanGame

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