Garrick Rides with Tempus!

Glamour of the God-Touched Available for Pre-Order in Immortals

Every now and again in this business you get to have one of those really cool things come along that just make you smile. One of those is happening to me now. It’s all under the umbrella of having Glamour of the God-Touched, the first novella of my Saga of the God-Touched Mage included in a really interesting bundle of work under the title of “Immortals.”

You can get it here:
and, of course I think you should.

For me, however, the really fun thing going on here is that one of the other works in this bundle is a short novel by Janet Morris titled A Man and His God. This is a story focused on Tempus, a character who first appeared in the shared world Thieves World series, a collection I absolutely loved reading back in the day. In fact, you could say Thieves’ World was much more influential to me than the classic “Tolkien or Brooks” question that raged as the fantasy genre was exploding–and Tempus was just this really cool character, written in very deep ways. He was a warrior who dealt with society and people and emotions and love in ways that were compelling and always fascinating.

Seeing my work next to Janet Morris’s makes me very happy. Reminds me of the sense of raw discovery that fit in those pages. Yeah, I lost the thread as she expanded him out into the novels, but I loved him in short fiction and, now, as I sit here in my little office in Arizona all those years later, seeing my work beside hers strikes a chord with me that is hard to really define. It’s all just so very cool.

I think, perhaps, it’s time to reacquaint myself with this story.

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