“Prospecting” is Published!

I’ve written SF and Fantasy, of course. Occasionally I’ll write a contemporary piece. Or a thriller. Sometimes I can branch into something that touches on darker places. But this is my first, and, to date only, piece that fits squarely in the Western genre. I wrote “Prospecting” for a themed anthology focused on “Justice,” but it seems like it fits better where it landed—in Fiction River’s Hard Choices, edited by Dean Wesley Smith—which just happens to be out now!

I say that it fits better here because this anthology is full of eclectic stories that take you places you weren’t expecting to go. It’s full of “hard choices” which range from characters with tough situations to characters who end up having to deal with the ramifications of those choices.

Running my eyes down the TOC for this one (which you can find by following the link), I see several of my favorite short stories—stories that have stuck with me for some time.


Check it out here!

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