15 Things I loved about #IntoTheSpiderVerse:

1) Re-purposing “You’re like me.”
2) Inclusiveness of all things Spider. Being that I’m (a) old, and (b) out of touch with progress in these comics, this is fun. Time to dig in.
3) Thought boxes. Blurred printings. It looks like a moving comic book. Awesome.
4) Public transportation to save swinging.
5) Multiple upside-down kisses.
6) Banter exists!
7) Great Expectations.
8) We can all wear the mask.
9) In the end, a Great dad.
10) Fan Art. Spiderpersonas for the win. Or Stan. Or the Stan Lee. Or whatever. Did I mention I’m getting too old for this shit?
11) Lily Tomlin rocks Aunt Mae.
12) Spider Noir and the Rubik Cube.
13) Spider Gwen saves the day.
14) Untied shoes: It’s a choice.
15) Thinking of my uncle, who introduced me to comics and superheroes back in the late 60s. Power on, Dennis. You da man.

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