Novel Dare Days 1 and 2

October 2019 vs. October 2020: What Difference a Year Can Make, eh?


If you saw my weak sauce Facebook post yesterday you’ll know that I have now embarked on a classic Novel Dare challenge, initiated by my devilishly devious daughter and enjoined by my lightning fast friend. When she first asked I thought: wow, this might not be the right time to wade into this kind of thing, but it’s 2020, right, what’s the worst that can happen?

Anyway, the daughter unit has now posted reports of both her Day 1 and Day 2 progress. As has my lighting fast and kick ass friend—at least she’s done Day 1, and I assume since she’s on Vegas time, she’ll be doing Day 2 soon.

As you can see, both are off and running. As, I guess am I.

I admit though, that I’m tender-footing a little.

I mean…I literally sat down yesterday with absolutely zero idea of what I was going to write, and started in. I admit this is fun, but it makes things feel a little like I’m in a whirling dervish. Mostly I’m feeling out a few primary characters—which means I write a little about them, then something happens that makes me learn more about them…which makes me itch to go back and add more to what I’ve already done—or go back and actually change it all.

So yesterday, Day 1, I posted I claimed 1400 words. Which is fair.

I wrote more than that, but Words word-o-meter registered 1,397, so that’s the number I’ll go with.

Today, Day 2, that number registers just over 3,100. So technically I figure that means I’ll claim 1,700 words. The truth is probably more like 3,000 raw words when you count all the second/third passes—cycling us super-pros might call it.

That’s the thing about a Dare, you see. The goal is to write a full story—not just pound out words. This is going to be a space kid of thing. It’s going to be fun and move fast (I hope). Will it finish at 40,000 words? 50,000 words? 100,000 words? I have no idea.

All I can say for sure is that I’m building the foundation, and that I fully expect that by my devilish daughter’s Halloween birthday, that I’ll end in a fully-formed story.

As, I’m pretty sure will said daughter and said friend.

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