Realm City & The Space Opera Odyssey Bundle!

Okay, I’ve been a little slow to the punch, but there’s still time…for two days only, you can pick up this great little bundle of Space Opera Christmas joy—a bundle that include an exclusive release of my new book Realm City.

I’ve written a couple short stories in this environment, but this is my first longer work. It’s a blast to write in, of course—a world with the huge Sagittarius A* black hole as its foundation … I mean .. what kind of fun is that? Let’s just say that there will be more coming pretty soon.

For now, though, get they hence over to the Story Bundle website and pick up your copy, as well as a collection of nine other great books by a bunch of writers I really admire! (And, yeah, as with all Story Bundle products, you get to name a bit of a price, as well as support a great charity in the process—win, win all around).

To know Realm City is to know the supermassive black hole at its center.
Huge. Ravenous. Absorbing everything it touches.

An ex-pilot, gone underground for more than a decade. A gene-cutting super-sleuth. A galactic business tycoon.

When the Kapari crime clan kidnaps a Caleb Zavier’s niece, the dealing and double dealing has just begun.

In a world defined by Sagittarius-A *, the black hole at the center of their galaxy, and the wild civilization that has sprung up around it, the eternal questions are always these:

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die?

Realm City is a new Science Fiction novel from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Amazon Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins.

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