Some of This Is True is published

I’ve been in a lot of really good Anthologies, but to be honest this one might be among the best. I’m so pleased to say that my story “Some of This Is True” appears in Fiction River: Dark and Deadly Passions. A scan of the TOC covers so many of my favorite writers.

Like most Fiction River volumes, the stories have a range of genre and tone and, well, pretty much a range in everything—which is something I find most attractive about the project. My own story actually started with a seed given to me by my friend Lisa Silverthorne, and came together after thinking about the guidelines that editor Kristine Katheryn Rusch laid out. I’m quite pleased with it. As the title says, some of it is actually true—or at least true in certain ways. But, then, I figure that’s the root of all good fiction.

And, yeah, the cover is gorgeous, right?

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