Gone Gnomin’: (Holiday Spectacular Story #25)

As noted here, I’m commenting daily on the WMG Holiday Spectacular—which is a great project that releases a story every day. These might be reviews. Or not. They might be interesting. Or … um … not. They will be fun, though. For me, at least.

Here’s the next story.

“Gone Gnomin’”
Jessi Hammond

What a beautiful little story. I mean. Sigh.

The introduction gives you all of its trappings—it’s Auzzieness, it’s winter/June-ness. It tells you that “Gone Gnomin’” is going top be delightful. Which it is.

I’m torn here because I want to talk about the details of the story itself, but really, if there’s anyone at all reading these who hasn’t read the story yet, I really don’t want to ruin it for them. So I’ll just say this—there was a point toward the end that I seriously considered putting the story away so that it would not end. I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened to me. I mean, that’s rare, you know? To feel so good about a moment in a piece of fiction that you just don’t want to leave it. I mean, yeah. It happens. But…


I loved this story—including the end, which I will also not tell you about.

To find out why, well, I guess you’ll just have to Go Gnomin.’

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