STS-8 Dare: Day 9

I was right yesterday when I said that stopping in the middle of a scene would give me some momentum leading into today. Once I got my brain settled into my alien environment, I grabbed the reins and plopped down another 800 or so clean new words that “finished” the scene.

There was a lo of dialog in that bit—and the dialog gave me pause to reconsider a few parts of the material I had written yesterday. So I cycled back and brushed that bit up—adding another 200 or so in the process. So in my personal bookkeeping parlance I’m registering my output today as 1,000 new words and 1,800 “recycled.”

I should maybe note again that since I started with a glop of a piece of manuscript, the entire book’s word count (or Bookage as my friend Lisa Silverthorne calls it) sits a little north of 12,000 words. I’m not counting the whole thing as part of the Dare, though. That’s part of the deal. Still, the goal is to finish a novel by the end of April, and at this rate I’m guessing this one will be complete in early or mid-April, which leaves me time to go back and make that second pass.

Famous last words.

Regardless, it’s going well enough. So I’ll take it!

Total Dare Word Count Now: 8,800

Aside: My beloved wife and copyeditor noted that I called myself a “hole” person yesterday. She’s cute this way, right? [grin] Anyway, I went ahead and fixed it (he says, singing a Beatles tune). I suppose I should find a way to insert my old Daily Persistence header here somewhere: … this is my journal … i write it as i go … it has typos … it’s not perfect … but then … neither am i

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