STS-8 Dare: Day 8

My brain is still settling into the alien world and is flailing with that “you’ll never be able to make this work” kind of vibe. It’s coming, though. I’m also still shuffling bits of the plot back and forth as things settle into the timeline.

That’s a long way of saying things were slow yesterday—I got about 500 new words to go with considerably more cycling—but I broke into more open waters today and picked up about 2,000 new words. I may get a few more later tonight. We shall see. But now it’s time to close up shop and go be a chauffeur. Such is excitement around here.

Just because this whole thing is a little bit about writing and a bit more about the process of living life around writing, I should note that the past few days I’ve also been fighting a weird foot injury that has impacted the quality of my writing time. It’s considerably better today. We’ll see about tomorrow. And of course I’ve been able to actually “write” just fine. But it’s a mini-lesson on what it means to come to the page as a whole person. Writing well does require some degree of immersion, and I admit that when my ankle is in the middle of a throbbing moment it can knock me straight out of the page.

Anyway, the good news is that I left off right in the middle of a page where the story is moving, so I’m expecting good momentum when I start next.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 7,800

Brigid’s Week 1 Dare Update

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