STS-8 Dare: Days 12-15 (An Exciting, Pre-planned Diversion)

So here’s a fun thing. It’s part of the reason I wanted to make this Novel Dare a two-month deal rather than a one-month fling. The fact is that for the previous four days I got a big-fat zero words in on the novel. But I knew going in this would be the case because I had already agreed to trot up to Las Vegas and meet my brother (who is a most-excellent musician/guitar player, etc.) for a mega-blast of brainstorming on a new a wonderful little (meaning big-assed) project we’ve been cooking up.

A Bit of An Announcement/Reveal

It’s still a little early for a full-fledged announcement, but since you’re following along I’ll give you this little bit of a preview.

Picture a single environment populated with books, radio plays, audio-books, podcasts, videos, and a few other odd deviations thrown in. Take a far-future universe where star travel is as ubiquitous as ocean liner trips today. Add in a pair of … ahem … talented but perhaps a bit maladjusted brothers who just want to play their music, whatever that is … a cast of alien, um, buddies(?) … and then throw in, well, we’ll wait to dig in on that later.

We walked away from our brainstorming session with five “books,” two short stories, and seventeen songs planned out. So, yeah. That was fun.

Bottom line, I’m coming off four days of working on this idea, and I’m really digging on it now.

In the meantime, the rest of my original plans continue marching along.

Back to the Dare.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 10,350
Total Book: 13,650 words *

* If you’re paying attention, I didn’t do a post for Day 11. That’s because I got super-busy doing some book formatting work on another little project I gave myself on the spur of the moment. I did manage to get my 250 words in that day, though, so my revised count includes those numbers. Yee haw.

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