STS-8 Dare: Days 16 (Brigid Doubles Down)

I originally titled this entry “Back t the Grindstone,” but I thought that was a kind of a crappy title–which it is, isn’t it? The Dare is not supposed to be a grindstone. It’s supposed to be fun. And luckily, it is. I’m pretty stoked to work on my semi-secret project with Jeff (my brother), but it’s got a bit of a lead-time, and I’m making tons of promises when it comes to delivering my Stealing the Sun series. So that’s the mainline path for now.

And this is still a lot of fun to fiddle with.

More on Brigid’s double play in a bit, but let me say here that now I’ve been working with the currently titled STARDUST a bit, the alien environment is getting a little easier to slip into. That’s helpful because, since this was my first day back from Las Vegas—meaning I had a few odds and ends to catch up on (both “work” and personal). Results for the day were pretty good, though: Finished blowing out an entire new chapter. Add it up and it counts to about 1,150 new words and a couple hundred “recycled.”

With luck I’m set up for a pretty good run tomorrow, though.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 11,500
Total Book: 14,800 words

Brigid Update: From what I can tell via twitter posts, Brigid is now in the process of showing me with putting not one, but two novels in the air at the same time. Yikes!

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