STS-8 Dare: Day 17 (Happy Anniversary To Us!)

Pretty good day overall in the Collins household. 1,600 words on the creation front—another couple thousand in the “recycle” bin. The book is beginning to get to that middle stage where things are cavorting around and I’m wondering if I’m adding stuff that shouldn’t be there. In this case it’s a small sub-plot between a pair of secondary characters that I can almost kinda (but not sure) see what it’s supposed to mean. Experience says this stuff comes out of my brain for a reason. Looking forward to finding out what that reason is, though.

In other news, this St. Patrick’s Day is also the day Lisa (wife/copy editor) and I get to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We spent a good chunk of it talking about stuff in general and the future in specific. I’m looking forward to that, too.

Life is good, you know?

Total Dare Word Count Now: 13,100
Total Book: 16,150 words

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