STS-8 Dare: Day 22 (gift day)

Today was a “gift” day in more ways than one. The obvious way is that I chose today to give a present to my newsletter followers—which is always fun. But in ways more relevant to the Dare, this day gave me about 1,200 words on a story path that I wasn’t really expecting, but in ways that make total sense.

I love it when that happens.

In this case it was a collection of two characters who stepped up to tell me what they were thinking and why that thinking was relevant to what I’m doing. So, I went with them. I like it. Actually I like it a lot. It set me aside a day, I suppose, because I didn’t progress things in the way I was planning—and so I’ll still need to do that work tomorrow—but it’s been a useful diversion.

I’ve also gone in and stubbed out two other chapters—meaning the steps are clear what’s going to happen, and even to the point of being written in a weird pseudocode I sometimes use to hold ideas in place. So, all good, right?

Total Dare Word Count Now: 20,500
Total Book: 22,800 words

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