STS-8 Dare: Day 23 (filling in the stubs)

Yesterday I noted that I did a bit of pseudo code work on three chapters that came to me as I was rambling in other directions. Today I got to work fleshing them out. As I write this, I’m at about 2,300 new words, and I’ve finished almost all of that…um…fleshing. I need to dismount that last chapter, which I may get to when I finish this up and decide if my brain is still braining well enough.

So that’s good.

Ultimately, I think my work this past couple days is the kind of thing that will add depth to the entire theme of the book. They are smaller stories that add nuance to the ideas I’m playing with here—though admittedly I feel one of these things threatening to go bigger. I’m going to actively fight that, though, because I do want the thing to be clean in the end. That said, characters have been known to win fights with me. If this one argues hard enough, she might just win.

Anyway, in addition to new words, and a few hundred rewrite/recycle words, I managed to get a cover absolutely finalized, and finished the print layout of that same book.

Progress, am I right?

Total Dare Word Count Now: 22,800
Total Book: 25,100 words

Brigid, of course, is continuing to do her Brigid thing … which means she’s juggling two books at the same time.

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