STS-8 Dare: Day 24 (three streams)

I got a few hundred more words in yesterday, and then today had one of my better days of the month, “finishing” with 2,400 new words and maybe 1,000 on the recycle scale—which is kind of my “Who’s Line is It” of metrics. I mean, recycle points don’t matter, but I track them anyway.

The book is flowing along and mostly behaving itself. I’d say its entering its final third—or getting close. The main plot line is running along three main streams, with a forth kind of poking its nose into things. I’m progressing in a way that’s a bit odd for me, though, in that I’m bouncing between the streams, progressing first one and then the other a little at a time. Not quite writing out of order, but almost. Usually I jump into a current and follow it until the end, but this time my brain seems to be processing things a bit differently. Go figure.

I expect the next two or three days to be taken up riding these three streams up to the point where they have to come together. Yes, I’m going to cross the streams.

Hope it all works out!

Ah, yes, I guess to keep the general theme of this relaxa-Dare going, I should note other tasks I’ve been getting complete. Today that includes loading up some early copies of my three collections I’m planning to release starting in May…more on them soon! I also received page proofs of my Five Magics short story collection, which has been out on the market for a bit, but which I’ve just now decided to put into print because I like it, and because … well … what the hell, right?

So, it’s always busy.

Yes, indeed. Life publishing as an Indie is always busy.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 25,200
Total Book: 27,500 words

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