STS-8 Dare: Day 27 & 28 (finally, a big day)

Written Yesterday

I’m coming to grips with the idea that this whole Dare is an exercise in exactly how much other stuff one can do while still progressing a novel in a “reasonable” time. Bottom line, it turns out I did not deserve the benefit of the doubt I gave myself yesterday in that I did not get the 600 or so words I needed to meet my reported word count.


And today has not been particularly healthy in that sense, either—though I have now at least covered my numbers from yesterday. So that’s all good.

I don’t feel too bad about it, though, because the reason I’m low again today is that I spent most of the morning in the early stages of the release portion of my Collins Creek project—which will go into pre-order here sometime soon. I’ll spend more time talking about specific there after all the places I’ve loaded up finish processing the books. I’m quite excited to be getting those into the world.

Written Today

Lots of fun stuff today, but some I don’t think I’ll chat about quite yet. Opportunity is afoot, with a little extra work, anyway.

After all these other things going on, I decided to dedicate much of this day to word creation, and I am happy to say word creation has occurred. At 3,100 new words (and another 3,000 “recycle” words), this is officially my most productive day of the year.

I made it through a couple little road blocks in the plot, too—places I had kind of hand-waved around the idea that “something like this happens” without really knowing why. Today my brain gave me those reasons, and words kind of flowed a couple different times.

This draws me past 30K words for the entire RelaxaDare and over 33K for the whole book. Still thinking this first draft will weigh in at about 45K total, with the fleshing out that will happen in the second full draft running it up to maybe 50K. Or about normal for the series. Which makes me happy.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 30,950
Total Book: 33,200 words

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