STS-8 Dare: Day 33 (crap, there’s a lot to do)

I suppose a few days without an update could be cause for some concern, but let me assure you the issue is really with available time more than anything else.

As always it seems, I’m working on lots of projects at once, juggling production work, “marketing plans” and other such tasks. I just did a quick rundown, and depending on how you cut it, I’ll have something like 12 books coming out over the next six or so months. So, yeah, it’s busy.

The RelaxaDare is moving along, though. When we last spoke I was going back to the beginning and hammering out a bunch of the kinks I’d left behind. This is going well overall, though sometimes if ells like trench warfare. I’m through the first third of the book again—I’ve classified that as 16K of “recycled words.” In the process the past three days have seen the book bubble up an other 3,400 words. That’s bringing the whole project up to the point where it’s possible tomorrow will see that project create the magic 40K mark that makes it “officially a novel.”

Yay me!

I think I made a wise choice to follow my creative mind’s desire to go back into the “rewrite” before finishing the basic plot. The process is doing wonders for my sense of ownership for the characters involved. It may mean I need a very quick third “recycle” when I’m done, but I think we’re talking a day or two at most. We’ll see. You never know until you know. Insert meaningless deferring phrase here.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 36,350
Total Book: 38,600 words

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