STS-8 Dare: Day 37 (thank goodness it’s a RelaxaDare)

Another two-day update. Such is life.

First, the simple numbers. I’m at that point where word count almost doesn’t matter. I mean, I’ve “added” about 1,000 more words to the bulk of things, but most of the past two days have been knitting bits together. I am coming to the point where I’ll take off into the vast unknown of New Story (meaning my recycle is almost over. But I feel like a guy laying carpet and pressing out the wrinkles. Almost as many words get pared out as get created.

Writing is weird, right?

Anyway, my Daily Unplanned Event came in the form of the first round of my shingles vaccine. I’ve been putting that off for some time now in order to find a “clean” patch of calendar I could deal with any fallout in, and to be blunt, I’ve had fallout. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night, and then woke up really achy and in a bit of a brain fog that has lasted all day really. It’s been hard to concentrate. Still, I persisted.

Which is part of the game, right?

Total Dare Word Count Now: 40,150
Total Book: 41,700 words

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