STS-8 Dare: Day 40 (keeping the streak alive)

I’m still going today, but I’m at a break point, so here we are.

A couple days ago marked my 125th straight day of hitting writing targets. Or my 121st if you want to get technical, seeing as I took four days off of creating words in order to instead work on an intense planning session for another project in the future. You count it your way, I’ll count it mine.

Anyway, despite a lack of updates, the RelaxaDare moves onward. I think as of this moment I am completely done with my backward pass ad am now ready to move forward and finish the whole thing. In an odd way this has been a little disheartening. I’d wanted to see 2,000 and 3,000-word days, and instead I was doing a lot of intricate surgery which meant I pushed total word count only 700-1,00 new words a day. That said, I’ve been counting something in the range of 4,000 of my “recycled” words a day. So there’s that.

All total the book now stands at 44,200 words, and the good news is that I think the skids are all pointing the right ways.

If I’ve done my work well the past week, my official “second pass” could be very, very quick. At which point I’ll be considerably happier!

Brigid’s Progress:

As noted at the beginning, this was a father/daughter thing and Brigid has been on a bit of a quest of her own. She describes it here, but the bottom line I think is that she will wind up this Dare month with the starts of two projects, and a third set of three novellas ready to release. I’d call that a win!

Of course, she still needs to get it done.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 42,650
Total Book: 44,200 words

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