Happy Book Day to Me Again! Collins Creek #2 Is Published!

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If you’ve been following this little nook of the web, you know I’ve been working on a special project of the heart that I’m calling Collins Creek, and consists of three volumes of stories that all have ties to the Fiction River original anthology magazine project I contributed to for some.

I’m pleased to announce the release of the second volume, Streams of Speculation.

Whereas the first volume was full of contemporary and historical fiction, Streams of Speculation finds me back in my home territory of speculation. Fiction River was great in that way. Its pages spanned the entire range of the imagination spectrum, but at the same time stretched me as a writer. I don’t think, for example, that left to my own devices I would have come up with “The Grand Dangoolie,” or “A Demon From Hell Walks into a Speakeasy” (among others).

I’m really proud of all this work, and of course I hope you like it.

I’m particular chuffed to have my longtime friend Lisa Silverthorne introducing this volume, too. She is the one who brought me into contact with the whole Fiction River thing, so it’s 100% certain that without her this entire project (better yet this volume) would be nothing but a trickle of my imagination. She’s a powerful good writer. If you happen to like paranormal fiction with a slant toward angels and romance, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her A Game of Lost Souls series.

Rock & Roll, Steampunk, and Starflight

Jump in, the water’s fine!

In Collins Creek, Volume 2, you’ll find another memorable 10-pack of short stories from prolific writer Ron Collins—this time mixing, matching, and bending the constraints of science fiction and fantasy—all of which first appeared in Fiction River original anthology magazines. From the Grand Dangoolie to a prohibition demon to a genetically engineered Special Forces agent, the characters in these pages will take you on a collection of wild and unpredictable rides.

What do they all have in common? That little spark of humanity that yearns for more answers than we have questions.

Stories Include:

The Grand Dangoolie
Movie Boy and Music Girl
The Robin Club
A Steady Diet of Dragon
The Legend of Parker Clark and Lois Jane
Rock of Ages
A Demon from Hell Walks into a Speakeasy
Playing God
Some of This Is True

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