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It’s that time again! I’m really pleased to note that the third and final volume of my Collins Creek collections has now been published. This is a project I’ve been planning for some time, and to see it come to fruition is really fun. Tides of Adventure is a particularly unique volume in the set in that while every story in it was written for the Fiction River series of original anthology magazines (as the first two volumes were), this one is crammed full of stories that were not accepted by the editor they were written for, but wound up being published in other professional publications including Analog, Galaxy’s Edge, Pulphouse, and a Portal anthology.

This is why Dean Wesley Smith titled his very generous introduction “Rejection Means Nothing.”

As you might be able to tell from the list of places these stories found homes in, this volume is strongly slanted toward Hard SF, but spans the spectrum from near to far future, and across several forms of technologies and whatnot. I’m really proud of all this work, and of course I hope you like it.

Aliens, Ray Guns, and Distant Planets

Jump in, the water’s still more than fine!

In Collins Creek, Volume 3, you’ll find an eclectic 8-pack of short stories from prolific writer Ron Collins, all of which sprung from the environment of Fiction River original anthology magazines but subsequently found homes in places like Analog, Galaxy’s Edge, and Pulphouse. From quantum entanglement to cloning and genetic engineering, these stories explore technology, space, and their impact on the people who live with them (hey, aliens are people, too!).

As different as they each are, these stories all say something about what the future might hold for us.

Stories Include:

The Colossal Death Ray
The Blue Lady of Entanglement Chamber 1
Bravo and Jazz
My Julie
January 3rd
Often and Silently We Come
Tumbling Dice


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