Outfield Magicked: Novel Dare (Day 1)

So, Brigid and I are doing a Novel Dare alongside Lisa Silverthorne.

Yes, round up the usual suspects, right?

Yesterday was Day 1, and it went “well” in that we’re working on OUTFIELD MAGICKED, Book three of our Faries and Fastballs series. We had completed chapter one a month and a half ago, but then life events shut us down. So we’re picking it up again. Yesterday consisted of Brigid going though the work I had done, and making changes (we call it “mushing” each other’s work). Then I went through her thoughts, and made new ones, and she followed up to finish. We also each went through the detailed outline we have written.

Personally, I tend to write into the dark more than Brigid does, but when we’re writing together, it seems quite helpful to have a detailed outline. As they say, collaboration is kind of twice the work for half the money, but it’s also a lot of fun. With some distance, I’m thinking there may be a change or two needed on the outline, but it’s pretty solid.

Bottom line: Baseball is in the air and the mortals of Pattersonville and the Fey of Fairy Realm are at it again, so that’s good. Things seem to be going so swimmingly! But, really, is it a good thing to trust the fey?

I’ll credit us with 3,800 words for Day 1.

Day 2 finds me in the driver’s seat, with Brigid in “mushing” position. [grin]

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