Away We Go

So it’s the first day of a new year. A fresh start. Yay us!

Lisa, Brigid and I stayed up last night and watched fireworks over Las Vegas. I’m of multiple minds about the relative merits of such displays, but it was quite enjoyable as far as that goes. Our view of the Strat, the Fountaine Bleu, and Resorts world gave a nice multi-view.

So, happy new year!

Welcome 2024. Let’s hope it’s a really good one.

We’re due, right?


The even better news is that I’m starting the year out right – with a Novel Dare challenge that requires the completion of an entire book in the month of January. That’s always fun, but to top it off this time I’m doing it with Brigid, Sean Young, and Dean Wesley Smith. With a little luck, Lisa Silverthorne will join us, too, but I think she’s still Officially Making Up Her Mind.

The book I’m writing is going to sit in my Realm City series, which I’m hoping to launch in mid-summer sometime. It’s a set of stand-alone novels set in a hard-science fiction world with some wild-west and epic fantasy kinds of sensibilities. In other words, kinda wild and kinda fun.

We’ll see what comes out.

Today I got 1,000 words on the Dare and another 1,500 on the third book of my Faries and Baseball series with Brigid – which is so very near the end! So a total of 2,500 words of workable fiction.

I’ll take it.

Actually, I’m hoping I get a few more later tonight, but my main computers is doing some unhappy things, so I chose to sideline it for a bit by running an ultra-long disk check. Fingers crossed.


So that’s it for today. Looking forward to reporting again tomorrow…the Powers that be Willing and the Check Disk don’t rise, anyway.

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