It’s a New Year and a New Dare – Day 2!

The bad news is that my main computer’s check disk ran through the day and into the night. So no more words. The good news is that nothing was truly wrong. Just some indexing gone astray and whatnot. So nothing seems horribly wrong.

I think, anyway.

Regardless, things seem to be running smoothly. So it’s all good so far.


As the Dare goes, today was a good day. I’m counting only a thousand “final” words so far, but the day is young and I’ve got a couple thousand more in kind of free-form outlining – which is how this story is coming to me. Pretty much total writing into the dark, really.

To give you an idea, last Friday, Dean said he wasn’t sure what his story was going to be, but he knew were he was going to start. I said I did too. “I’m going to start in my office,” I said.

Truer words, right?

All total I’ll call it 3,000 words, though that’s flaky. Of course, it’s my book. I get to make the rules.

Regardless, the thing is coming along. I’ll probably get some time to put into it later, but I think I need to go back and make a style sheet for book one (this is the second book in a series, remember), so maybe I’ll start on that tonight, instead. It’ll make things a bit easier in the end, anyway.


January Book Totals

Words Today: 3,000

Total Words: 4,000

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