Novel Dare – Day 1

Lisa Silverthorne and I are doing a Novel Dare during NanoWriMo. We were originally going to do a Dre in October, but she got caught up in work issues that pushed it back, and as luck and synchronicity would have it, I got caught in work issues later in October that made this decision work best anyway. Serendipity and all that.

So this morning I sat down and started writing.

I don’t have a title yet. And I didn’t even have a story in mind. I was a proverbial blank slate. Except for one thing … I dug down into a concept that I’ve had playing on the back of my mind for the past few months. And I started typing. The story is SF, and it’s set in the future, and it follows (so far) a guy named Bexie Montgomery as he wakes from a deep sleep. He’s an entrepreneur who paid to be reconstituted in the future, and he’s in for a series of awakenings that are going to shake his foundation.

While I only finished about a thousand words this morning, several things have fallen into place for me and I had a good deal of fun.

We’ll see where it takes me. [grin]

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