Novel Dare – Day 2/3

Okay, I think I ‘m actually ready to start now.

This month’s novel is truly just that–a novel in a month, all the way from concept to end. I honestly had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down on Monday morning. I started with only a very vague notion that I wanted a book to be set in a world with one particular trait.

I wanted to start something, though, so I threw down almost a thousand words Thursday. Then I spent almost all my Friday writing time falling back and thinking about the path those words were sending me down, and about alternate possibilities. This included writing a couple paragraphs on a second start.

But in the end I’ve decided to pursue my initial “gut instinct” beginning. So this morning I went back, ran over those thousand words and refreshed them a bit. Yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to rewrite if you want to get to the end. It’s advice I’ve given Brigid and Nick before. But I’m not worried about getting wordcount. I’ve done that before–and I’m going to be off work next week, so time should not be an issue. I’m much more worried about getting a full story in the month. Story is, for me, the key.


All seems to be going tin the right direction now. So, we’ll see where we end up, eh?

Off to do some morning chores, and probably a trip to the health club. Perhaps back to it tonight. 🙂

BTW — I did join NanoWriMo. What the heck, eh?

BTW#2 — Still waiting for that title. Any time now, okay?

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