Novel Dare – Day 8 Wherein The Sledding Goes Easier

Interim post – 12:47 — Just returning for a brief stint after lunch and before working out.  This morning went quite well, notching just under 2200 words.  This included time spent doing some re-arranging, which is necessary now that I actually think I know what the hell I’m writing.  I have more of that to come, too, but such is life when you start out with a truly clean slate on November 1.  This morning was mostly about going back and buttressing the storyline and adding more characterization in a few key places.  I can really feel the book right now.  It seems like I know exactly what ought to be happening in each place–of the first half of it, anyway, which is odd given that I have no actual outline.

Perhaps I’ll create one of those soon–but right now I don’t need it, so pish.  Hoping to finish the day well past 3K, perhaps nearing 4K.  So I had best get going, eh?

See you soonish with an update.

Evening Update – Crested the 3K level again today (so far?) at 3,090 for the day, bringing the work up to 14,250 total.  This means that, for the first time ever, I’m above the projected word count to “finish” before the end of the month.  This is good, eh?

We’ll see what happens tonight, but with a little luck I’ll get a few more words down before the end of the day.  For now, though, it’s off to dinner with my beloved.  Yay!

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