Novel Dare – Day 9

Interim Post — Managed nearly 3200 words so far.  The main dude senses things around him might be deeper than what he was originally thinking.  Today represents his first full attempt to wrest away some control of his environment.  Will it work?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  All I can say for sure is that things are about to get worse.  [grin]

Going to take a brief break and get back to it.  Looks like I’ll have a record day–at least as far as this book is concerned.


Afternoon Update (5:36 PM) – Picked up another 700 words or so.  Would have done better but I got sidetracked by a bunch of YouTube videos featuring Milton Freidman and the ideas behind his book “Free to Choose.” The videos in question are interesting because they are captures of a series of TV shows that start with a 30 minute segment that covers Friedman’s views on a topic, then closes with an open and civil discussion between Friedman and several other thinkers of the day that expose and cover multiple points of view.  Whether you agree with his free market views or not, there’s something here for everyone, really.  Thought provoking, and actually quite fun to see people with opposing views who can discuss a topic in respectful tones.

All total, I think this is already a record day for me, but I’ll see about stretching up past 4K and maybe getting to 5K later this evening.  Depends a bit on (1) whether my brain wraps itself around a solution to the “tiny” problem I’m looking at now, and (2) how I feel after Lisa and I get back from dinner.


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